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The GEMI brand was born in 1983 from the experience of Domenico Giangreco, a specialist in the field of industrial electronics and automation. GEMI has always stood out for its high technology and professionalism, both in the design and development of products, and in its attention to the customer. Part of this focus is the ability to test products for 100 days, with full refunds and without the need to provide any reasons.
The values ​​of GEMI are its strengths: quality, fairness and customer service. Over the years, the company has distinguished itself in the production of chimney extractors, rising to the top of the sector worldwide.

The flagship of the production is the GEMI chimney fan, the result of the collaboration between Basilicata Innovazione (InnovationFactory Scarl) and the University of Basilicata - Department of Environmental Engineering and Physics in the "Project for the development of a system for the optimization of an innovative suction system ".

However, the projects do not stop there: GEMI Elettronica collaborates with universities and professional institutes, for the research and development of products that are always at the forefront

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